2012: Day5@Sigatoka

This was the first time(since we migrated) that we were in Fiji to celebrate the independence day. There was great spirit all around. We attended the celebrations in Sigatoka. Children from a number of schools participated to showcase their undertaking of how their town and district could be kept clean. The clean schools program (The Green Guardians) is supported by organisations such as the Sigatoka Town Council, Shangri-La’s Marine Education Centre and The National Trust Of Fiji.

Green Guardians from Naidovi Primary School

Mereoni with her hard working Green Guardians team

However, the bili bili (traditional bamboo rafts) races were the highlight of the day. Races were held in a number of categories. While traditional bilimbili’s were paddled by wooden poles sourced from the local environment – modern day paddles paddled the bilimbili’s at these races. The day was hot and sticky (high humidity) but it was interesting to see how this one event had captured the imagination of the locals. This is a great initiative supported by the resorts and other organisations in the local area. The Shangri-la Fijian Resort were once again the champions of the 2012 competition. Three cheers to Mr Michael Monks and his great team.

Tali (we met him at Naidovi last year) with his dad at the races

One of the winning teams

This bridge once joined the two sides of the town

Not any more…

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