Developing activities with ICT

There is probably no one right way of designing activities with ICT. The following questions (based on the diagram above) is a good starting point. An aspect of Unit 7 in Year 5 Mathematics is used as an example:

a) What is the content/concept do students need to learn? (e.g. bar graph)

b) What key thinking skill(s) would be required? (Link to a level(s) in Bloom’s taxonomy)

c)  What activity will student’s do? (Gather and analyse class data on childrens’ hobbies)

d) How will the achievement indicators be demonstrated? (Draw and intepret bar graphs)

e) Can ICT be used for this task? (Yes – Spreadsheet in Libre Office)

These ideas can be embedded in an activity in different ways. This is one way to sequence the lesson:

Education Queensland’s Smart Classrooms initiative has a number of good ideas that can be applied to ICT based learning activities. The files are useful:




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