Creating a movie

The use of video cameras is quite widespread. The decreasing cost of this technology is enabling a lot more of us to assume the role of movie producers and directors. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a movie speaks a lot more because it tells us a lot more about a certain situation. We can tell a story a lot more effectively using this digital technology. Similarly, in classrooms with the video cameras children can demonstrate their knowledge about a concept which can go beyond existing methods (e.g. pen and paper tests). For PC’s, Windows Moviemaker is an effective program for making movies. For MAC’s, imovie is a very good program. With enhancements in technology, it is also very easy to upload finished movies to youtube.

Creating a movie with Windows Moviemaker

The example here shows how a video clip can be used to explain how something can be done. This is becoming very common – in many instances a search on youtube becomes the first step  before engagement occurs in a task (e.g. cooking a meal or change the blades in a mower). The advantage of such an approach is that the user can play, rewind, fast forward and pause at critical junctures on the video. It also minimises the need for printing and the use of paper – so reduces cost and is good for the environment. The first video shows how a clip can be edited. The second video is the final edited version. Both these clips can be accessed from youtube.


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