2011: Day 9 @ Naidovi

Tuesday morning…Got back to our routine after our short trip to Nadi. Yesterday was quite eventful. The building the robots has continued. In the afternoon we talked to the teachers about how libraries need to be set up and managed. Apparently it’s the first time the teachers have had the opportunity to see how basic cataloguing is setup and implemented in a library.  With the numbers of books that we have, the only feasible way to make borrowing happen is through a one week on – one week off strategy. We also suggested setting up a committee to manage the affairs of the library.

I also went into the year six classes to see how the rehearsals for the role playing was progressing. It is pleasing to see the progress the students have made – they all seem to have such a wide variety of talent and everyone has a role to play. The credit here goes to the teachers (Mrs Taylor and Mrs Reddy) for adapting the activity so aptly with her students. The webcam will be the most viable option for the activity, given that this is all they will be working with after we go back home.  What is needed here is at least one or two video cameras to make such activities work effectively. A scanner is also needed as part of the hardware toolkit.

This morning we head off to the Fijian villages and Indian settlement with the four-year classes to take some photos. Students will select 10 images to make their photo stories.  One of the village elders, Lepani has shown a lot of interest in our work. He has been at school almost everyday. This morning he will take us around to Voua village. Lepani used to be our neighbour – his family lived next to us. Like some of the villagers who were very close to my family, Lepani also was always there to lend us a hand in need. Playing the guitar was one of his passions and he always enjoyed Indian music.

Lepani plays a tune for us in his home

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