2013: Laptops to schools in May

A number of teachers from the workshops last year in Fiji have kept in touch. They told us about what they had achieved with limited resources. They also had a vision in terms of what they would do if they had some computers. So a class set of laptops were sent to the four schools. All these laptops were donated by the Queensland University of Technology.  The names of the teachers are shown in brackets. The teachers were very instrumental and persistent in getting all the necessary paperwork and approvals for the computers before they arrived in their schools.

Rahmatullah Khan Memorial School, Maro, Sigatoka (Ms Sumandana Chand): 10 laptops + a data projector


Rahmatullah Khan Memorial School

Votualevu Primary School, Votualevu, Nadi (Ms Shivanee Sanjana): 10 laptops

Votualevu Public School

Votualevu Public School

Raviravi Sangam School, Raviravi, Ba (Mrs Sima Kumar): 9 laptops

Raviravi Sangam School

Raviravi Sangam School

We also sent a class set of laptops(10) and a data projector to Balata High School. Mr Segran Pillay – the new principal at this school has some very good plans about his school in terms of ICT integration.

Balata High School (damaged roof after cyclones in Jan 2013)

Balata High School (photo shows cyclone damaged roof  – Jan 2013)

We also figured a way to transport these laptops – this has been a problem. Random sized cartons have used to package them. So each time this required a new strategy of for packaging the computers. This time we used plastic containers that were sealed by zip ties. They were good to accommodate up to 5 laptops and was manageable to carry at around 20 kg. All arrived intact in Fiji- so this is a good solution to a problem.

Plastic containers with laptops- ready to be shipped

Plastic containers with laptops- ready to be shipped

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