2012:Days 8 & 9 @ Lautoka

The workshop conducted in Sigatoka was repeated in Lautoka. With the support of Mr Albert Wise – the Principal Education Officer Lautoka/Yasawa and the Ministry of Education we were able to work with teachers from Drasa Avenue Primary, Jasper Williams Primary, Andra Sangam Primary, Sabeto District School, Sabeto Central School, Shri A.D. Patel Memorial School, Nadi Sangam School, Namaka Public School and Zhong Hua School and Namaka Airport School.


We were very fortunate that Dr David Nutchey – Lecturer in Education at QUT was able to join us. Our initial attempt to network the laptops that the teachers were using did not materialize. The program over days was similar except David ran a workshop on Geogbra. Enthusiasm amongst the teachers was high – similar to what we experienced in Sigatoka.

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