2011: Day 2 @ Naidovi

We arrived at the school at 9 AM and got stuck into the work. Our main focus was to identify usable books from the existing stock that they had at school. We had some year six students come and help us. Understandably they were quite excited – it was obvious in their eyes. They very friendly and well behaved. They really wanted to get stuck into the computers. The Head Teacher made special lunch arrangements for us. We had lunch at his home. Teachers popped in and out during the day. For most of them there was an opportunity to do something different and we are looking forward to working with them.

Mr Sashi Kumar (Head Master), Mr Ashok Sewak (School Manager) and excited students

At the end of the school day we came back to the motel. In the evening we headed back to the school. After a long time I joined a bunch of people in Cuvu for a kava session. These sessions create greater opportunities to share the knowledge and information at the grassroots level. Some of the challenges that the villagers were facing was very obvious. From memory I think there are also a few mosquitoes around the place. But who cares about the mosquitoes it was a great opportunity anyway to mix with some of the people. The school also had organised a watchman for the evening. Security at the library wasn’t the best so having a watchman was quite important – at until the security grills went up.

Work in progress

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