2011: Getting ready for Fiji – the LEGO robotic kits

We were most grateful to our good friend Eugene in Hong Kong who was very generous with his donation of a class set of robotic kits for our project.  He was able to do this  through his company which distributes LEGO Education products  in China. Without this generosity we would have never been able to afford these kits. When activities are suitably designed, these kits can promote high order thinking skills such as problem solving in learners. If these activities are linked to real-world contexts that can mean a lot more to the learners. These kits  can also enhance collaborative learning and teamwork.  Many of these  characteristics are highly valued aspects of teaching and learning in classrooms. In this project, these kits  can create new opportunities for children in a part of the world where such technologies are hard to come by. These kits  were sent directly to Fiji from China.  To our knowledge this would be the first time  that any school in the country would have the privilege to use these kits in their classrooms.

A LEGO robot

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